About - Project Sugar Maple
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What is Project Sugar Maple?

Project Sugar Maple is an initiative aimed at uncovering names of New York-based individuals that are involved in the boycott movement against Israel (BDS). The spread of anti-Israel sentiment and the ongoing dissemination of lies and falsified news severely damages US relations with its closest ally. Project Sugar Maple considers it imperative to encourage people to question the validity of claims made against Israel by BDS supporters. Boycotting of Israeli products has little affect on Israeli government policy and in reality hurts the middle men and small businesses more, including Arab and Jewish individuals.


The goal of this project is to provide support for New York State Senate Bill S2492, due to be voted in by State Assembly and signed by governor Andrew Cuomo in the near future. As it stands currently, the Bill has passed Senate and is awaiting approval by State Assembly.


Bill S2492 would prohibit state contracting with, and state investment in, persons and businesses that promote or engage in activities to boycott American allied nations. Allied nations includes other states in addition to Israel, but our primary focus is on the Bill’s role in protecting the alliance between Israel and the United States of America.


To encourage and ease the enforcement of this upcoming law, we offer a well-researched, reliable database of individuals’ names and titles, divided into three relevant categories. These individuals are supporters of BDS and our mission is to limit the influence they have in both the public and private sector. The signing of the Bill by Governor Andrew Cuomo would prohibit state contracting with and state investment in individuals and businesses that are in favor of BDS.


The BDS movement petitions against investment in Israel by corporations and proposes that in order to stop the “occupation” of Palestine by Israel economic pressure must be applied. The comparisons made between Israel and the South African apartheid state are not only false but detrimental to the Palestinian cause. BDS support limits the economic options of Palestinians working legally in Israel and discourages businesses from considering investment in businesses that affects Israelis and Palestinians equally.


Upon passing of this law, the contents of this project will be immediately delivered to state authorities, to ensure nothing is hidden from those who wish a better hope for this country.


Care to add a name to the list? Contact us now.